Nominations for The Mortimer D. Sackler, M.D. Prize should be written and include a letter of recommendation detailing the rationale for the nomination of the candidate:

  1. How does the nominee’s research embody a major advance in Developmental Psychobiology and what were the original contributions of the nominee?
  2. Summarize the nominee’s scientific achievements, underscoring work both specific to the field of Developmental Psychobiology and across fields.

In addition, all nominations must include (1) a Curriculum Vitae and bibliography of publications; (2) a list of the nominee’s prior prizes and recognitions related to the field of Developmental Psychobiology; (3) copies of two or three key papers; (4) no more than two letters of support from sponsors, collaborators, colleagues or mentors.

Applications must be in 12 point font or larger with a minimum of one inch margins on all edges of the page. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is September 1, 2016. Please send applications to