Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology
Department of Psychiatry
Division of Developmental Neuroscience
Sackler Institute for Developmental Psychobiology
Columbia University Stem Cell Initiative
New York State Psychiatric Institute,
Columbia University
1051 Riverside Drive, Room 4916
New York, NY 10032-2695
office: 646-774-8610

My laboratory investigates the neural circuitry of cognitive and affective behaviors, with a particular focus on how environmental experiences encountered during ‘sensitive periods’ shape the development of this circuitry and associated behaviors in adulthood.  To do this, we use a multi-disciplinary investigative strategy in rodents including in vivo recordings of activity during behavior, opto- and pharmacogenetic manipulations of circuit activity and measurements of synaptic function and anatomy.  Through this approach we hope to gain insight into the developmental trajectory and etiology of cognitive and affective symptoms associated with disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and substance abuse.